Brooklyn Archive is a gallery of Brooklyn images for order at print resolution.

Brooklyn Archive is affiliated with EBrooklynMedia, publisher of brooklyneagle.com, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle newspaper, and the following affiliate weekly newspapers:

  • Brooklyn Daily Eagle (founded 1841)
  • Brooklyn Heights Press (founded 1939)
  • Brooklyn Record (founded 1938)
  • Phoenix (founded 1972)
  • Brooklyn Journal (founded 1976)
  • INBrooklyn (founded 2001)

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Welcome to Brooklyn Archive, courtesy of Brooklyn Daily Eagle and Everything Brooklyn Media (EBM). Brooklyn Archive is a publicly-accessible website and browsing (viewing) gallery of Brooklyn-specific content.

Brooklyn Archive and EBM provides these original Brooklyn images to the public for viewing, at no cost. We encourage users to view, share and comment on our original, proprietary content, images, documents and video.

May I purchase images for personal use?

Yes. Users may purchase any image on the website for personal use.  Once purchased, images are made available as high-resolution (300dpi) images, suitable for printing at 300dpi resolution.

May I purchase images for commercial use?

No.These original, proprietary images may not be used for commercial purposes, for any reason – without express written permission and consent from Everything Brooklyn Media (EBM). Contact us.

How do I purchase an image(s)?

Every image gallery and every individual image has a PayPal-enabled form located at the right of the webpage. This 2-part form captures contact information, provides secure e-commerce for purchasers (members and non-members), and provides notifications to all relevant and appropriate parties involved, including the purchaser. You do not require membership with PayPal to complete the transaction.

How much does an image cost?

Each image costs $2.99.

How will I identify the images I wish to purchase?

Each image gallery has a name. Every specific image within a gallery has a sequential number . Please include the gallery name and the sequential number of the images you wish to purchase after you enter your contact information and complete the form located at the right of the webpage.

What if I want a specific Brooklyn image; but I cannot find it in the website archive?

Because the browsing gallery currently only has a portion of our complete archive, we have provided a search form for manual requests. Complete the simple form and we will attempt to locate images of Brooklyn people, places and things.

How will I receive the images that I purchase?

Once your order is received, we will send an image to you via email as a (.jpg) file attachment. Images will be sent automatically upon completion of payment.

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